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Gate Valve
Check Valve
Butterfly Valve
Air Valve
Ball Valve
Control Valve
Globe Valve
Plug Valve
Pipe Fitting

Gate Valve
ANSI Gate Valve (cast steel)
AWWA C509 gate valve
Buried Gate Valve
DIN F4 Gate Valve
DIN F5 Gate Valve
Ductile Iron Non Rising Stem Gate Valve
Metal Seat Gate Valve
Non Rising Stem Resilient Seat Gate Valve
Rising Stem Resilient Seat Gate Valve
Socket End Gate Valve
Spigot End Gate Valve
Stainless Steel Gate Valve
Check Valve
Ball Check Valve
Brass Vertical Check Valve
Butterfly Buffer Check Valves
Dual Plate Check Valve
Flanged Sliding Ball Check Valve
Forged Steel Check Valve
Hydraulic Slow Closure Butterfly Check Valve
Lift Check Valve
Lift Type Foot Valve
Rubber Disc Check Valve
Rubber Flapper Swing Check Valves
Silent Check Valve
Silent Lift Check Valve
Stainless Steel Female Thread Check Valve
Swing Check Valve
Tilting Disc Check Valve
Vertical Check Valve
Wafer Check Valve
Wafer Lift Check Valve
Butterfly valve
AWWA Butterfly Valves
Butterfly Valves Rubber Lined
Cast Iron Butterfly Valve
Cast Steel Butterfly Valve
Double Eccentricity Butterfly Valves
Flanged Butterfly Valve
Grooved-End Butterfly Valve
High Performance Butterfly Valve
Lug Butterfly Valve
Metal Seated Butterfly Valve
PTFE Seated Butterfly Valves
Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve
Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valves
Wafer Butterfly Valve
Air Valve
Automatic Air Vent Valve
Brass Air Release Valve
Carx Air Release Valve
Double Ball Air Valve
Double Orifice Air Valve
Flange End Air Valve
Large Orifice Air Valve
Sewerage Air Valve
Single Orifice Air Valve
Small Orifice Air Valve
Ball Valve
1pc Type Ball Valve With Female Thread
2pc Ready-Package Ball Valve
2pc Type Ball Valve With Female Thread
3pc Ready-Package Ball Valve
3pc Type Ball Valve With Female Thread
3pc Welded Ball Valve
ANSI Ball Valve
Eccentric Hemisphere Valve
Flange V Type Ball Valve
Orbit Ball Valve
Top Entry Ball Valve
Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves
Control Valve
Adjustable Pressure Reducing And Sustaining Valves
Pressure Differential Balance Valve
Electronic Control Valve
Emergency Shut Down Valve
Float Controlled Valve
Multifunctional Pump Control Value
Multifunctional Remote Control Float Valve

Pressure Reducing Valve

Pressure Relief Valve

Pressure Sustaining Valve

Pump Control Valve

Rate Of Flow Control Valve
Slow Shut Off Check Valve
Well Commander Control Valves
Globe Valve
Forged Steel Globe Valve
Female Thread Globe Valve
Cast Steel Globe Valve
Bellow Seal Globe Valve
ANSI Globe Valve
Plug Valve
Sleeve-Type Plug valve
Pneumatic Plug Valve
Orbit Plug Valve
Multiport Plug Valve
Lubricated Plug Valve
Lift Plug Valve
Inverted Plug Valve
DIN Plug Valve
ANSI Plug Valve
Y-type Stretchy Strainer
Y-type Strainer
Y Strainer With Extension Pipe
Straight Flow Strainer
Inlet filter
Foot Valve With Strainer
Cast Iron Strainer
Basket Strainer
Backflow Preventer
Anti-Pollution Isolating Valve
Pipe Titting
Identiftcation Of Size Of Press-Fittings
Inserting Pipe
90”ćEblow With One Plain End
45”ć Eblow With One Plain End
45”ć Eblow
90”ćEblow With One Plain End
Longer Coupling
SUS304 Light pipe & Fitting Suit For Table-Water
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